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New records for noctule bat recorded in South West Scotland bat boxes

Noctule bat in South West Scotland

Noctule bat

Two male noctule bats were recenty recorded by SSWC during a recent bat box inspection in South West Scotland.

The boxes were erected 13 years ago hopeing to attact noctule. The new records are very exciting becasue although noctule are relatively abundant in South West Scotland,  there are very few actual records of roosts in the region.

The noctule bat is one of the largest of the British species and is usually the first species of bat to leave their roosts at dusk. They can often be seen in daylight just before the sun sets hunting with swifts and swallows for large beetles and moths high above the trees.

In South west Scotland they favour roosting in cavities in mature trees and as result suffer badly when trees are felled without landowners first establishing if bats are present or not.