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We have just added three short films to the SSWC Website

We have just added three short films to the SSWC website showing how invaluable the use camcorders and infra-red lights can be when surveying trees or buildings.

The first two films show examples of dawn bat surveys conducted using a Cannon XF100 with infra-red spot lights. The infra-red capability means we are able to accurately pin point where the bat roosts are located.

The third film is footage of the Leisler’s maternity roost at Culzean Castle in south Ayrshire which was discovered during the  Scottish Leisler’s Bat Project.

The roost was not originally spotted from the ground despite being large and obvious when the tree was climbed. Note the bat droppings at the base of the cavity at the start of the film.

The film shows how useful camcorders are for accurately recording the number of bats leaving a roost. The use of infra-red or thermal imaging means the counts can be accurate even in dim light or the pitch dark.