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Bat Surveys of Windfarms

We specialise in bat surveys of windfarms.

Whilst making a valuable contribution to the energy needs of the UK, wind farms also pose potential threats to migrating and foraging bats in the vicinity of turbines. The main risks to bat populations are:

  • Habitat loss;
  • Death through collision with turbine blades; and
  • Habitat fragmentation.

Bat activity surveys are, therefore, essential when planning the location of large developments such as wind turbines, power stations, housing estates and roads where, as a result, there is a high likelihood that bat commuting routes and foraging areas will be adversely affected.

The methodology for bat activity on wind farms will vary depending on the type of development and size of site. However, they usually involve:

  • Habitat assessment for foraging, commuting and roosting bats;
  • Surveys of potential structures and trees with potential for roosting bats;
  • Bat activity transects; and
  • Remote/static bat activity surveys.