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BS 5837 2012 Tree Surveys

We are qualified to conduct BS 5837 2012 Tree Surveys in relation to construction.

Tree surveys will gather the following information:

• The precise location of all existing trees on the site and trees on adjacent land where root or branch systems are likely to be within the development site;

• Tree species

• A brief description of each tree

• Tree numbering system

• Tree height: measured in metres from ground level to the highest point of the tree using tape measures and clinometers

• Canopy spread: measured in metres at magnetic north, south, east and west

• Height of the underside of the canopy: measured in metres from ground level

• Trunk diameter: measured and rounded down to the nearest ten millimetres at 1.5m above ground level using specialist tapes. Where a tree divides into multiple stems below 1.5m it will be measured at the lowest point above the root flare

• Age Class: divided into young, middle-age, mature, over mature, and veteran. (This is an estimate of which stage a tree is at in its natural life cycle)

• Physiological condition: an assessment of the health and vigour of the tree

• Wildlife value: assessed using a combination of factors such as species, size, location, age (including the presence of veteran trees) and the presence of mosses, lichens and cavities

• Amenity value: assessed using a combination of factors such as species, size and location

• Structural condition:  an indication of the structural integrity of the tree will be classified as good, average or poor

• Safe useful life expectancy

It should be noted that where it is impractical to obtain accurate measurements, due to restricted access or other site conditions, data may be estimated.

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