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23 February 2017: SSWC leads workshop on the design and success of internal bat at boxes SNH Annual Bat Workers Conference Thursday

On Thursday 23 February 2017 Stuart Spray facilitated a workshop on the design and success of internal bat at boxes at the SNH Annual Bat Workers Conference.

During the workshop Stuart highlighted the pros and cons of a handful of past projects he had worked on and gave handy tips on best practice including:

  1. It must be possible to prevent access to any other part of the roof. All gaps of 6mm or over must be blocked, since it has been shown that bats can gain entry through any gap of this size. It is important, however, to ensure that measures taken do not conflict with the ventilation requirements of the roof.
  2. The temperature within the box should be at least that of the existing roost spaces. In some cases, an additional source of heat may be required.
  3. The roost entrance should be designed to be similar to the existing one, and should be composed of suitable rough(ened) material.
  4. The size of the box should be adequate to accommodate the species and the number of bats roosting.
  5. Construction of the box should be done outside the season in which bats normally occupy the roost (i.e. usually from November to March).
  6. The position of the box should be within the part of the roof already used for roosting.
  7. The new roost entrance should be as near to the old roost entrance as possible.